Monday, January 11, 2010

Things you learn when you run your first 1/2 marathon in the freezing sleet and rain in sunny Orlando Florida

1. You CAN sweat and freeze at the same time.
2. You are fatter and more out of shape than you realized.
3. You will get windburn. Not knowing what this even was, you did not try to prevent it.
4. Running in soaking wet socks will cause a huge blister.
5. You really should've created a marathon playlist. Tori Amos singing Christmas songs and the soundrack to The Sound of Music are not really running motivation.
6. You will chafe in places you never would've imagined. Like the outside of your thumb, from wearing gloves which you aren't used to. Or the front of your thighs.
7. You will totally high five strangers who are cheering you on for no good reason other than they are awesome.
8. You will actually consider picking up that super nice jacket someone discarded.
9. Disney is NOT the most magical place on earth when you are slogging through it half frozen.
10. You will be so cold/numb you won't even realize you lost your knit cap until you reach up to pull it off, and realize it isn't there.
11. Even though you religiously put on Chap Stick throughout the race, your lips will still become wicked chapped.
12. You will feel like you won an Olympic medal when they give you your completion medal..


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sleep, day one

Okay, the first day of the sleep diet, fail. Stayed up over 45 minutes too late thanks to receiving Mad Men season 2 in the mail. I couldn't help myself!! Plus I had a cup of coffee at 5, also against the rules. I did resist any coke in the evening though.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Okay, I get how this dishware would look awesome. Especially if you have glass front cabinets. But all I see when I look at this picture is that I would have to move a mug, a bowl, etc. to get to a plate. And then those items would have untold germs from removing and replacing the plates. ugh.
If interested, go visit CSN.COM