Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Machine

I thought this was the best idea! So pretty, fun, and EASY!! I went more for cute, and couldn't get fancy with rounding on the contours because about 1/2 of my machine is actually a rough finish, which the rub-ons won't stick to.
I hope it makes me happy whenever I look at it.

Quilt haha

And Jana begins a quilt... HAHAHAHA!! We will see how far I get. I am trying to make this quilt. You might be thinking, okay, that's a lot of cutting but simple enough if you pay attention, and in theory this is correct, but it is harder than you would think to make exactly straight lines when you sew. For me at least, it is tough. Plus add in a little fraying and some wrong millimeter calculation... I am afraid it is going to turn out all wonky. Of course it is my first, so practice, practice, practice!! I will keep you updated as I (slowly) move along. No way I can keep up the actual quilt-along pace, especially since I am coming in so late.