Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay, I am thinking that sitting on your (much older) boyfriend or husbands lap and playing with his hair is fine when you aren't at A FAMILY OPTHAMOLOGISTS OFFICE!! Geesh. Maybe I am just too uptight or Welsh or something. For the first 20 minutes they were wandering around while I was waiting on Faith's appt. and glasses adjustment I thought (assumed) they were father and daughter. I hope not.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Snotty socks

Okay, last week when Faith STARTED her still ongoing virus, I took her to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of things. Since we have moved Wal-Mart is closer than Super Target, so....
Anyway right when I put Faith in the cart she started throwing a fit, something she is doing more and more lately both since her dad and I moved in together and because she hasn't been feeling well and because she is getting more frustrated and because she can! For some reason when Faith throws fits she blows snot rockets out of her nose if it is snotty or just snorts like a bull if it is clear. Of course on this day it was snot all over her face and while digging in my purse for tissues I ALWAYS HAVE, they weren't there! Either I used them and forgot to replace them or more likely Faith tossed them out of my purse since mommas purse is her favorite toy. Since you have to get the snot immediately off her face or she will PLAY WITH IT GROSS!! I looked for the only thing I had handy besides my shirt, which was her socks I hadn't put on yet. In white trash wal-mart tradition, I used her (clean, I swear!) socks to get all the snot off her face. Then, because she has about 50 pairs of socks I just threw them away and took my sockless baby shopping. Although I felt guilty about throwing away the socks, my mom and my grandma are still inside my head telling me to save everything, I felt better that her face was clean.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I was just listening to the song Clocks by Coldplay and the line when he sings "shoot an apple off my head" made me wonder if now when he sings that line, if it feels funny, since that is his daughters name?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fontan I

Faith had her cath almost a month ago and we have been ANXIOUSLY waiting to hear from Miami Children's Hospital to schedule her 3rd stage surgery. Her local cardiologist told us he conferenced about her case on April 1 and that we should hear from MCH within a week to schedule. We don't want to wait too long because
a. want to get it over with and get Faith back to healing and growing
b. if it takes too long to schedule they will have to do another sedated echo, etc. and she doesn't need any additional unnecessary testing.

I wait a week and a half and since they haven't called yet her cardiologist gives us the direct number to call and find out what is going on. This direct number goes to a team of cardiologists asst., not the actual cardiac scheduling department, so the asst. transfers me to scheduling where I leave a voice mail. OF course they don't call back and after 24 hours I try again and leave another message. Another day and I call back getting irritated. This is a big deal, it is a major surgery, we are anxious parents, we have jobs waiting on us to let them know when we will be taking off, I have a teen to coordinate schooling with...
Luckily the asst. is really nice, they couldn't find her file or the info. from Orlando or where she had been conferenced, so she tries to help me figure this out. She goes to look for the file, can't find it so she emails everyone and long story short today she found her! When I called back this morning to follow up she tells me she found her on the conference notes and they found the information sent from Orlando. She is surprised I haven't already heard from the scheduling girl/lady/person and transfers me to her where it just rings and then hangs up on me....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spider bite

Who knew? I am such a mom now. First a friend had to explain to me the "Have You Seen Amy" song by Britney Spears (this friend even said I was "such a mom"!) and now my daughter after piercing her lip tells me that she thought about doing 2, in case you missed that 2!!!! piercings next to each other and this is known as a spider bite.
Dude, I am so old...

iMove 1

So, due to financial and emotional reasons, my baby daddy and I decided to move in together in the best interests of Faith and Alexia and my (in)sanity. During this time I tried to ignore such statements as "what have you been doing for the past month?" when I mentioned I still needed to pack and maybe he could watch Faith. I took the higher road and said "nothing" instead of listing off all the things I had been doing. Most notably taking care of our daughter and my other daughter and my house while not getting home until almost 7 every night. Because really I am just SO lazy. I was really just sitting on the couch every night watching Oprah and eating take-out. Then when I was still moving Monday and Tuesday night until late, I mentioned I ran out of boxes and he said "why don't you just put some of your (crap) stuff away and use those empty boxes. I did ask him where exactly I should unpack to as I had no dresser (in his garage), no closet (I had no shelves or bar), no bookcase (also still in his garage), no bathroom counter or storage (awaiting him to finish and install new concrete countertop). THIS is what I have to live with people!! I know it will be so exciting and fun to live together. urgh.


Listening to You

Saturday, April 4, 2009


How long I can let my underarm hair grow before it is disturbing.