Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Garden, day 2


This was a page in Food Network Magazine I found a couple of days ago. What fascinated me about this page wasn't the fruit, wheat, veggies, or vodka, but the shopping cart evolution!! I know, I am such a dork! but I have been shopping ALL THE TIME for over 17 years, when my son was born. I love grocery shopping for the most part and I am intrigued by the newest model, which I haven't seen! Double stack! Multiple kids!! Antibacterial handles!! Jana want!!!

Imaginary friend

Did anyone else have an imaginary friend as a child? Or now, whatever. Because I did. His name was I.D., and he was a mouse. I am not really sure where he went or when, but I remember him most vividly. He was always there for me (as imaginary friends should be!) and he always let me win. I am not sure what it would say about my psyche if I lost to even my imaginary friend.
He made me feel like a freak in elementary school (along with my crazy childhood illness, my love of books, and my freakish tallness) because I knew I was the only person with this affliction. Surely no one else had an imaginary friend! scoff. But then, then it happened. One day in the school library I came upon a series of books about famous people throughout history and THEIR IMAGINARY PET FRIENDS!! Who knew??!! Needless to say, I read them all and wondered at the artwork. I was not alone. I have searched since for these books but as I don't remember the name I cannot locate them. I will keep looking.
This post makes me wonder about whatever happened to that guy Rik Mayall from The Young Ones. IMDB, here I come!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Foodstuff I ate as a kid

1. Fried bologna, cut into little pieces. (mom)
2. Ketchup sandwiches. On Wonder bread. (me)
3. Toast with smooth peanut butter and sugar. Because peanut butter not sugary enough already. (mom)
4. Sliced bananas in a bowl of orange juice. Eaten like cereal. (mom)
5. Fried hamburgers. (grandma)
6. Corncakes. (grandma)
7. Push-ups and Creamsicles. (grandpa worked at Farm Best! We were so sad when he retired..)
8. Funnel cakes. (mom and dad)
9. Raw lemons. (me)
10. Tons of grapefruit, mercots, oranges, and lemons. (grandpa's trees)
11. Fried rabbit. (grandma told us it was chicken!!!)

Beginning to grow

Finally, I begin the garden! Wish me lots and lots and lots of luck!

4 hours, 15 gallons of sweat, one rainstorm, 3 frantic phone calls re: found snake eggs, and 1 bucket of weeds, rocks, and misc. objects later...

The fuzziness you are seeing is because I brought the camera out from inside the house and that's how FREAKING HOT it was!! Steamy...