Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mi Miami

Today we came to Miami. Poor Faith was so sweet and cute and it almost killed me to think of the ways in which she was about to be tortured. I know children are strong, will get over it, blah. But I felt (feel) so GUILTY!!!! sigh. Bad mommy. Of course her FATHER was in a HURRY to get to beautiful Miami as his mom was already at her hotel so on the drive down I had nothing to eat or drink because I thought he might flog me if I had to stop at a rest area. Did I mention that everything is always MY FAULT?!?! So I didn't want to cause trouble by having to do something terrible like PEE.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Engulfed in Flames

Remember this post? This book, not so much..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Corn + cake

My grandma used to make these for us, corncakes. I have no idea exactly what she put in them, but I am betting canned milk was involved, as she also used it for creamed corn (hers was the best I have ever had!), and EVERYTHING. When she passed away all I asked for were her crochet hooks, because she taught me how to crochet with them, and her recipes. These were the things that were important to her and remind me of her. Of course, none of her everyday recipes were in there, only in her head.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This makes me wonder what it will be like in 10-20 years when our kids are grown. Everything we try to eat now will be bad for you. Whole wheat BAD! Flax seeds, boo! ..... Like when I was younger it was don't eat the yolk, bad, but now the yolk is good in moderation. Or how people cut down too much on fats, but we need the good fats blah blah.


Okay, not yet, but I think I am going to try. I am using this series of podcasts to train myself. Have I mentioned I heart podcasts?! Even back when I was a crazy gym rat (I know, hard to believe!) I had no interest in running. I would do fast walking and incline but never run. For some reason now I feel like it is time. Plus I need something to keep me healthy that I can do basically anywhere since the gym isn't really a viable option with Faith and I need to do something productive to work off my stress, anxiety, and living with Jeremy. Wish me luck! Or stamina or whatever it is you need to become a runner...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Trying to kill my mom

So, my moms STUPID FUCKING doctor prescribed this to her. She was really feeling crappy for the week before/after mothers day and then noticed a commercial for it on tv that said the risks/who should not take.
Read the bold part.
Even better when my mom called her coordinator/nurse at Shands who monitors transplants and their medication interactions, levels of everything, etc., she didn't even know about it and said that she COULDN'T TELL THE DOCTORS because she WASN'T ALLOWED! It has to come down from like the FDA and trickle down to the doctors the nurse works with every day! It is political!!!! So doctors are prescribing this to their transplant patient not knowing, and this nurse can't tell anyone except her own patients. They can't tell my mom if the damage will be permanent or not. This is the latest in a string of medical nightmares...


I wonder what it is that causes us (just moms?) to call their little ones by a crazy assortment of nicknames. Me anyway. In addition to the "standard" ones (beautiful, cutie, sweetie, princess, etc.) a lot of them related to food. Some I have used:
  • Peanut Butter cup
  • Crabby Patty
  • Booger
  • Cranky Pants
  • Crazy Hair
  • Sweet Potato
  • Pumpkin Butter
  • Cutie Patootie
  • Jelly Bean
  • Snorty Snorterson (she inherited the snort laughing from grandma Pyle, thanks grandma!)

Sad eyes

When I took my little peanut to the eye doctor I mentioned that she still doesn't seem interested in television or books. The doctor replied, very matter of fact "SHE MIGHT NEVER BE INTERESTED" WHAT?!?! sob, cry, NO!! TV, fine. Books, love of my life, is there no justice?! I have already filled her awesome little library with new books, classics, and her bro and sis' old books. I understand the doc was saying she might never be interested/able to focus well on these things, the geneticist once said the same thing about her driving, but I doubt he had any idea how his words scared the crap out of me. Maybe crushing my soul just a little bit. Of course, now I will be on a mission to get her to love reading but...
This could be worse than my son being a jock.

Backyard view

This is the view from the dock of my new back yard torwards one of the neighbors houses. Notice the cat on the end of the dock. We have stray/not really cats that live in our yards and one of them had her kittens right under where this cat is sitting! So for days we had little girls running through our back yard.

This is a view into the canal from the dock. Note the lack of water. Those wooden legs you see used to be covered with water...
Also, on a side note this canal is very different than the one behind my grandpa's house when I was young. That one had black moccasins and other snakes and was yucky with huge concrete sides, so man made... ours does have reptiles too, but not so many that I have noticed. Not seen a gator yet either..

iCook Lemony

Okay, it's true, you don't think lemon + pasta works but this recipe from PW is really good! Simple and yummy, and it makes me think of all the ways I could play with it! Of course, I made an entire pan and so far I am the only one eating it so I guess I will be eating it all week! :) I will have Faith try it tonight..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Room shots 4

My cool acid stained concrete floors. I picked the color but made my baby daddy add a couple more coats with colors. I really like them. Although probably freezing in the winter. I haven't picked out any rugs yet. I am looking into FLOR.

Room shots 3

My recess cans. I love these!!

Room shots 2

Desk, blinds I like, but not sure how well they match. OOH, if you look close you can see a Victoria's Secret bag behind my printer. Sexy!


If it's weird to have carried Faith's shoes and socks in my purse all day Sunday, then my own socks (clean at least!) yesterday and today. Methinks I need a smaller purse.

Room shots 1

My fan. I know, maybe I should have taken a picture of it while not on, but whatever. You can see my wall color here also. Behr Pineapple Fizz.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Juicy cute-ure

I don't even remember why but I guess sometime I signed up for something through Juicy Juice and they sent me a free sippy cup. I think it's so cute! :)