Friday, November 14, 2008

Bugs slugs and tiny green thugs

Okay, I am not sure what episode of creature feature I am on but my house has become some sort of swamp/camp/woods creature refuge!! Two nights ago, Daughter A trapped a wasp under a cup. A wasp. At 8 PM at NIGHT!! Then about an hour later I went to pick up what I thought was a wayward leaf near the front hallway. But as I headed towards said "leaf" it was a baby frog!!! AAAHHH! While I am not frightened of frogs, especially babies, or perhaps it was a teen, it did startle me and I screeched a little which prompted Daughter A to come and investigate. I asked her to put it outside and after some hopping and screeching of her own she actually chased it out the front door. Those suckers can jump!! Okay, all good, I figured maybe she left the front door open too long earlier in the day or something. Then, last night, I was letting Mr. B out and he stopped to investigate something right next to the floorboard by the door and it was a SLUG!!!!!! EWWWWWW!! What is going on in my house!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Youth in Asia

David Sedaris makes me laugh, and he makes me cry, and he makes me laugh while crying. People who see me reading this must think I'm a total nutter!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Rubber Band Cats

So, today my poofy puppy is getting neutered! While complaining to my mother about the cost, she said I could do what my Grandfather and great-grandfather used to do with all the stray cats on their Illinois farm. Tie rubber bands around their, um, "boys" until they fell off!! Good ol' farm medicine!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted

And I color coordinated too!

Halloween 08

This year we (me and my baby daddy) decided to go to his boss' place for Halloween as it is close to our workplaces and we wouldn't have to rush the hour+ drive home to try to hurry up and get her ready, etc. I thought she would mostly be uninterested or just want to be held but she actually walked and held her cute felt pumpkin basket (from Grandma) out to people for the candy. And because my little cutie pie is so friendly and social she thought that when people were opening their doors it was for her to come in and hang out! So each time she was trying to step up into the houses. So cute!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Conversations with nieces

My niece, who let's just say isn't really concerned with world, US, or community issues told me how she was voting for McCain. Which is fine, her choice, at least she was going to vote, etc. But just curious and wondering if I could sway her, I asked why. Since Obama was the new, hot, hip hope of the younger generation I assumed she would have said Obama. Her response was that it was because he was a Republican. I waited for more, but none was forthcoming. So I asked why again and she said how Obama wanted to end the war (I pointed out that we all WANT to end the war, people are dying every day) and that was really all she had. So I asked what about things that affect her personally like freedom of choice and government aid, social issues. I told her about Palin's stance on the issues and she asked if Palin was the "lady running for president or whatever?"!! I told her she really needs to pay attention if she is going to vote! Geesh!! I wanted to shake her...

Classic Halloween Comment

"My boobs better be bigger next Halloween!!"
-Grumbled in car after unsuccessful attempt to locate suitable costume at local party store.
Apparently my oldest daughter/teenage alien, is currently too big for the kids sized costumes, but still too skinny for the adult sized costumes. So she had to be creative instead!