Monday, July 27, 2009


I want to make these! and thanks to my best friend I am now obsessed with not only reading (devouring) blogs and articles online, but the comments section, which are the best!
So here are my comments on the comments:
Comment #2. Really? People wasting 1/2 of a pie? Wrong!
#4. I think these look awesome, but calm down.
#5. If it isn't about baking, how is it for these?! Tiny Trets? Isn't American Girl those creepy dolls?
#11. See my note on #4.
#17. Then did you really need to comment? Really?!
#21. So sad that show was canceled.
#28. Way to brag about your apple tree, now we are all jealous. Thanks.

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melissac said...

#41. Is that YOU posting as Helga?!?!? {Are we in comment comment continuum? Vacuum?}